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15 Minutes of Quiet February 17, 2017

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I have recently been setting a timer for 15 minutes

15 minutes of quiet

As a natural doer, achiever, and activator

it can be so hard for me to just sit

Sit in quiet

Sit in quiet and listen

Sit in quiet and be open to what my Savior has to say

So hard to release my moments, my schedule, even when I know…

It is so worth it

It is a gift

It it best

One morning I received the below…

Trust is sitting with Me

Slowing down honors Me

Being still allows My Spirit to alight on you and fill you

I have a plan for you

But you need to seek it with a heart for Me and My glory –

Not your own

Before you head out today, I want you to know I have carefully and lovingly

placed treasures along the way, especially for you and your journey

But you will only recognize them for all thay are if you go at

My pace with your eyes fixed on Me

Don’t trust in your own readiness…rely on My ability to provide

It’s My power and provision that matter

Those hands – your hands – clenched so tightly

They are trapping gifts and blessings, even miracles, that need to

soar like doves into the hearts of others


Release fully in Me today

Where is Your trust being placed?

If it’s in yourself

Push ahead

Clench your hands tightly

Even grit your teeth if you need to

Trudge up the hills and down into the valleys carrying your burdens


If your trust is in Me,

Open your hands

Take My hand in yours

Walk lightly up the hills and into the valleys knowing I am with you

I want to carry your “stuff”

I am able to carry anything and everything that weighs you down

You simply need to release your burdens,

your day,

your moments

to Me

You can place your trust in Me

Thank you for gifting Me your heart and time this morning

Let’s meet again tomorrow

© 2017 Brooke F. Sulahian


Can You Find Value in a Field of Rubble? December 16, 2016

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We tend, as an accomplished, well-educated society, to base our future prospects on merits of excellence and opportunity. Cultural and economic freedom have provided ample life outcomes, and we recognize that our future is directly tied to stewardship. In my view, the groundwork required for our culturally inspired potential was forged elsewhere. I believe the Lord, at one spectacular time in our history, anointed us with a gift, and at many times since has provided the grace necessary to sustain it.

In Angola, Nepal, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Creator continues His redemptive work. He who speaks in a whisper holds a tiny seed of purpose intended for the broken community of women thought most unlikely to receive it. The God Who Sees is visiting the woman in Angola whose name we do not know, and His words to her are compassion and hope.

In the midst of pain and suffering, she has learned to recognize His voice by the steady consistency of a hand stayed on His purposes. His is the path that doesn’t sink, and as she learns to walk by faith, she gains confidence and strength. Through her journey, she has been given a sure foundation and an unshakeable, unstoppable vision for her future. She is to us a reminder of the undeniable strength and potential that God provides for those who love him.

She serves a God who speaks life from dust, who places treasure in jars of clay, and who carries His “Yes” in those who are despised and rejected. Confronted by hopelessness and impossibility, He has repeatedly revealed His power to make a way. The result that was prescribed for her is silenced by His faithfulness to personally see her through. The promises of God that find their “Yes” in Him continue in spite of her hardship, and He has appointed for her next steps.

As a Hope for Our Sisters Partner in Hope, I seek to find genuine inherent value among a field of rubble claiming to be. I weight this against prospective growth, and choose holders of time and resources based on the perception that I have on these characteristics. As a follower of Christ, I believe that these are spiritually discerned. I understand that only His mission will withstand fire; only His hand creates that which cannot be tainted by decay. I seek the investment that contains His whisper, for I have found that only in this will there be a return.

With Hope For Our Sisters, we venture into the rubble of cultural and economic oppression to find the beauty beneath the surface. We lift her up, and set her free, and turn her eyes to the future; her joy becomes our own. I use my own gift of freedom to plant God’s seed of redemption, for I know that it will grow. The Lord, at one spectacular time in her history, has determined to anoint her with this gift, and will continue to provide the grace necessary to sustain it.

“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.” Psalm 46:4-5

Written by a Hope for Our Sisters Partner in Hope


A Journey Through Lent? March 14, 2014

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Discomfort. Shifting puzzle pieces. This is how I describe my current situation. I feel that my life is a puzzle and God is moving my puzzle pieces around. Is this preparation for Easter or a journey into Lent? Not sure. However, as He lovingly, gently, yet persistently works on my life, I want Him to finish His work no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be. He loves me fully and I trust Him.

How do you feel about letting go of your stuff? To what do you cling? I have been feeling holy nudges to let go, clear out the clutter from my heart and home, and open the way for God’s work. What does He need to do in me? I cannot yet say, but amidst my uncertainty, I know God is perfectly clear about His desires for my heart, life and soul. I choose daily to trust Him.

I recently received a precious gift from a dear friend. A beautiful broach that is not only stunning in its design but also because it has belonged to this friend for years. It was one of her treasures and she has passed it on to me. She gave it to me because it spoke to her about my heart. I now see items, treasures, around my home that speak of the hearts of those in my life. Am I willing to pass along these treasures to be enjoyed anew? Am I willing to let go and make room in my home and heart that God will fill? 

Do you have clutter in your life? Is your life full of things to do, places to go, items to wear? My closet felt too full. I know there are women who have been rescued from trafficking who would greatly value the items of clothing that I wore every now and then. It felt exciting to give away much of my wardrobe…treasures to these women trying to start life again. Can I continue to let go? Can I continue to trust?

As you can see, I have lots of thoughts and ideas hitting me these days. My mind feels full. Some of my treasures have been shared and it has brought my friends and me such joy. Will I pass on more treasures? Not to clutter someone else’s life or home, but to show my love and appreciation of what they mean to me or to enable a survivor of trafficking to take her next step. We’ll see…

If any of this rings true to you, please reply to my blog (see below)…I will get back to you. That I know…

I read that Lent is about transformation, not denial. That warmed my heart. Today’s devotional called me to walk closely with Jesus, my Savior, in trust…no matter what. In sharing the wisdom of a dear friend, as we journey towards Easter, may we all learn to let go of what is not ours to grasp what is…Him.

© 2014 by Brooke F Sulahian


Hollowed Out September 3, 2013

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Re-entry.  My world has been rocked!  Returning from my first trip to Africa is proving to be an incredibly tough journey.  Everyone warned me about how hard it is to leave your home with great material wealth and visit a land lacking any sense of material treasures.  However, I cannot even begin to articulate if that is indeed my challenge.  All I know is that my emotions are running way ahead of me…either sloshing out of me wherever I step or being used to defend myself from an individual who cannot see the invisible sign around my neck stating, “Bubble space needed…experiencing re-entry”.

In fact, I feel there is not much left of the person I was when I headed out to Africa.  That version of me is gone.  I feel like a fragile shell of my original self and God has hollowed out my insides to transform and change me.  This is a very painful process and it is NOT where I want to be.

Or is it?

In Isaiah 64:8, it states, “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”  I believe that if we choose to follow God, we must be willing to be like clay in His hands to be worked and molded in His way and time.  This is the price I have chosen to pay.  The price of saying yes to His calling to speak out for my sisters suffering from fistula.  The price of saying yes to the journey to Angola to meet these sisters.  My heart, which felt so intact, now feels broken.  God’s peace, which felt so close at hand, now feels elusive…like grabbing at a statue made of sand or Jell-O.  My corner of the world, which once felt so right, now feels as if I am wearing an outfit made for someone else.  It’s not that God is not with me.  He never leaves.  However, I am in the process of being changed anew.  It hurts deep down in the soul of who I am, but I know peace, God’s perfect peace, is there for the taking, a gift from Him.  He is near.  His time.  His way.  His plan.  I am His clay.

However, the price I am currently paying, even though great in my view, is so very small in comparison to the price these sisters of mine have paid, are currently paying and will pay in the days to come.  May this fragile shell of who I was become once again a mighty Ezer warrior for Him, as God equips me with bolder words, greater courage, and bigger vision as I speak out for my sisters.

At this time, God has not called me to live overseas, but He has called me to continue to be one of the many voices attempting to bridge the gap between the material “haves” and material “have nots”.  To encourage those who have to give their lives for those who do not.  Life for me has changed.  May I live it for Him.  May I continue to say yes, no matter the price or pain.  Will you join me?

© 2013 by Brooke F SulahianImage