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I Crossed the Line…Segment 5 February 1, 2017

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Thankfully I chose to be real…I chose to deal…I chose to live in Him and His truth

This is a daily choice as I let Him work in and through me

I have times of peace and pain, clarity and confusion, and everything in between

This is the true path for me but I am not the leader…I am following His lead in full release


Hard discoveries are part of this path

I discovered the lies I thought were a part of my past are still there

These lies that I know so well are still vying for real estate within my heart and a hold on my mind

My life-long lies of desiring control, fear of failure, and need for earthly acclaim are alive and well

How could this be?


It hit me…

Once again I allowed myself to believe the lie that my value is based on my performance

The lie that my value is based on how Hope for Our Sisters does from year to year

The lie that my value is based on what others think of me

The lie that everything is on my shoulders

The lie that I have to be in control

All lies…


On this new path I tell myself…

– I am not my performance

– I am not Hope for Our Sisters’ performance

– I am not what others think of me

– I am – and you are – so much more than that!

What about my value solely because I am His daughter?

I had to acknowledge that these lies are still after me and at times, gaining access and taking hold


but also PEACEFUL and CALM

A beautiful mix of REAL


I crossed the line

I have chosen the path less traveled which can be painful yet also incredibly rich….rich with Him!

Along this new path I seek to “marinate” daily in His Word…His truth…the only place where true freedom resides

I could not have anticipated this AMAZING JOURNEY and I cannot wait to see how He uses it

in His time and way



I took a chance on Him because He daily takes a chance on me

It has been so worth it!

Are you ready to step over your line, open your door, accept your invitation, make your phone call?

He is there…waiting…inviting you to the other side

© 2017 Brooke F. Sulahian


Falling Into His Rhythm October 21, 2014

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Woman in boat

Exhausted. Out of breath. My arms ache from the strain.

I keep rowing with all my might. Got to get through. Got to get to where I can see the way ahead again. Got to work harder, faster, and better. Exhausted still.

I have been working so hard to get through this veil of haze that I have not heard it. Have you heard it? The small voice in the wind? The small voice of God inviting us to “Trust Me and fall into My rhythm.” “Trust Me and fall into My rhythm.”

I missed it again. Still rowing…still working hard…still getting tired. Exhausted.

I have been here before. I know it, but that does seem to not help. I guess it helps me to know that I will get through it again with His provision, but why do I get stuck using my own might, relying on my own abilities?

There it is again. The invitation. “Trust Me and fall into My rhythm.” “Trust Me and fall into My rhythm.”

I asked for prayer today. Needed help. Prayer works. This morning I stopped. I listened. The haze is not dark, but beautiful. I had missed that fact. The water is actually smooth with a slight current. I was acting as if I was rowing upstream against a raging river. There is a small breeze. I was too distracted to feel it.

I know I must do the hardest thing. For me, this is so very hard. I must let go. I must let go of my oars. Let go of my striving. Let go and trust.

This morning, I did it. I stopped and pulled my oars into the boat. I forced myself to lie back and let God push and steer my boat with his gentle breeze. No longer fighting…at least not in this moment.

I must to do this all day. Each day. I must choose to let go. He has a plan for me. I cannot live it out if I take over, if I try to do it on my own.

My oars are in my boat. Where are yours?

© 2014 by Brooke F Sulahian