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MY UNEXPECTED RETURN TO JOY (Part 3) October 24, 2018

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Soooo…what did I do?

I went for it!

I jumped in with both feet

I chose God rather than comfort, fear or routine

I started my day with Him, not His verses

I am so thankful He gave me the courage to choose His way

A way that seemed so foreign and strange

What happened?

God met me throughout the day

Popping into my head

Dropping prayers into my heart

Prompting me to stop and sit with Him

Just to be WITH Him

This is NEW

Not striving FOR Him

But being WITH Him

It’s as if God cleared away a barrier

I was seeing and hearing Him more

But I was not just seeing and hearing Him more

I was seeing and hearing Him in a NEW way

He was reaching out to me in a very tailored way

A way to best reach me

As if I am the only one who mattered

I had prayed to be more awake to Him

He was answering my prayer

This was His gift

I was climbing out of my valley with

God by my side

Little did I know He had a great surprise awaiting me

What was it?

(More of my journey soon…)

© 2018 by Brooke F Sulahian


I Crossed the Line (Continued…Stage 2) December 13, 2016

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Looking back, the line I crossed is hard to see

– The beginning of this journey

Where have I been, you ask?

On an AMAZING JOURNEY with my Savior

A journey filled with discoveries, discomforts, acceptance, surprises and hope

I am getting to know Him as if for the first time…all over again

I am learning His core truths…again

I simply want to sit with Him…inhale Him…be filled by Him

I want to find Him around every turn in the road…like a child seeking his or her shadow

I am hungering for Him like never before

Wait a minute…

In my excitement, I am getting ahead of myself…Let’s pause here to see how this all came about…

How does God speak to you?

For me He often uses books…this journey? No exception

Chasing Francis (by Ian Morgan Cron)

I came across the title while reading another book

I actually forgot requesting it from the library

I read it anyway…why not? I like to read

This book rocked my heart and spirit as I saw the hard truth about myself

– I had intellectualized my relationship with God

– I was better at DOING my faith than BEING with my Savior

– I missed the active sense of the Holy Spirit indwelling and guiding me

I had gotten off track…again

Incredibly moved and struck by this book, I asked Tim, my husband, to listen to the book on cd

I wanted…needed…someone close with whom to process it

I lacked the words to express my thoughts but knew it was important

I knew God was up to something…something bigger than me

I was struck anew a few weeks later as I approached a Franciscan Guest House for a weekend retreat

A Franciscan Guest House after reading a life-changing book about Saint Francis?

This was no coincidence…

God was up to something new…

But what?

Thank you for walking with me. See more of my journey in my next update

© 2016 Brooke F. Sulahian