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I Crossed the Line…Segment 4 January 27, 2017

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This is not what I expected

Had I even signed up for this?

This was not part of the journey I wanted to continue

Where did this come from?

I thought crossing the line was the tough part

I felt my heart resist taking more steps

Could I simply stop?

I really wanted to stop

Could I just sit down and stay right where I was?

I told myself I could…so I did

I felt that I lacked the energy for anything else…this was too hard

Thankfully, He did not let me stay there long

As much as I fought my feelings and fears, He patiently softened my heart

He cut through my feelings and fears to my heart…to my soul…

He showed me what was really inside of me waiting to be released





I remember the morning I finally saw His full knowledge of me as a gift

I could honestly say to myself, if He knows me so well and loves me anyway, then He truly loves all of me

It took courage to act on this but I decided


– I CAN WALK with Him

– I CAN GO where He leads me

I stood up…I was ready to move on

However, I could not take a step

We still had heart work to do…


Moving ahead placed me at a fork in the road…a decision was before me

I had to choose: Be real with God and deal with my “stuff” or not

Being real with God would require me to come clean with myself

Being real might be painful at times

Being real would be the harder of the two roads…the road less traveled

What did I choose?

What would you choose?

(Thank you for walking with me. More to come…)

© 2017 Brooke F. Sulahian


I Crossed the Line…Segment 3 January 13, 2017

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What was God up to at this weekend retreat, you ask?

He slowed my pace to a STOP…I had been “running” hard and fast…my default mode far too often

He turned my focus inward…I had been focusing on my work and others

He helped me see once again that I had been DOING, not BEING

The result?

My internal fire was out

– I had no idea it had been snuffed out

– How could this happen?

– H0w had I not seen my wayward steps?

My heart was stirring for the first time in a very long time

Stirring for Him…for His presence

I was left with a HUNGER for Christ like never before

My internal fire was reignited

– I wanted to see, feel, and hear Him every moment of every day

– Was this even possible?

– If it was, I knew wanted it with all my heart!

I was looking for Him as never before…what was next?

Deeper (by Debbie Alsdorf)

A book “sitting” on my kindle for I don’t know how long

A book I often overlooked when perusing my catalog

A book that caught my eye and heart

A book I knew I had to read…a book chosen by Him for me

Surprised as I continued to learn, or re-learn, basic truths of Him


Where and when had I left these basic truths behind?

This all felt so NEW

My path was taking a turn I did not expect…my reaction surprised me

Learning again just how clearly He knows me should have made me feel thankful

It didn’t

This knowledge left me feeling EXPOSED and VULNERABLE

I was feeling very uncomfortable…what was He up to?

(Thank you for walking with me. See more of my journey in my next update)

© 2017 Brooke F. Sulahian



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It’s that time again…can it really be here?


What HAPPENED to last year?

How do I actually FEEL about last year?

Am I really READY for a new one?

No matter my readiness, IT IS HERE

And IT’S TIME to

Choose our WORD and choose our WAY

My WORD for 2016 was TRUST

While focusing on TRUST, I crossed paths with my 2017 WORD…my new WORD

What is it?

What is my WORD for 2017?


RELEASE may be my hardest word to live out yet

As you know, I like control…even if it is a false sense of control

RELEASE is hard

RELEASE goes against my internal wiring

RELEASE…full RELEASE…can actually feel quite scary at times

But, RELEASE is what I have been asked to do…so I WILL

RELEASE it ALL to HIM…nothing held back…HANDS and HEART OPEN

What is your WORD?

Our WORDS help define our WAY

WHERE are you going and HOW will you get there?

I accepted my invitation to the path of RELEASE

In seeking TRUE FREEDOM I believe this is the WAY…

RELEASE everything to Him…as best as I can…EVERY DAY

What is your WORD?

Our WORDS help define our WAY

WHERE are you going and HOW will you get there?

What will you CHOOSE?


© 2017 by Brooke F Sulahian