finding hope and sharing it


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Drops in branches

While walking home from the kids’ school, I was captured by the beauty of these raindrops upon branches.

Each drop held within it a piece of the sun…a reflection pleasing to the eye.

Each drop hung on…untapped amazing potential waiting within…waiting…

These drops reminded me of our sisters…our sisters suffering from or at risk of fistula.

Each of our sisters is a rare beauty.

Each of our sisters has an inner light…not from the sun, but from God.

Each of our sisters has amazing potential that is untapped due to fistula and the cultural norms that create an environment where fistula flourishes.

Our sisters are waiting…

Our sisters are waiting to be released from their branches…

But they will not fall, as a drop of water would…

They will each soar like an eagle…

They will soar on the hope, love and encouragement showered upon them by health providers, fellow sisters, and all of you who support the mission and work of Hope for Our Sisters.

How many of our sisters will be released today?

© 2016 by Brooke F Sulahian


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