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BeBoldGirl December 15, 2015

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I was invited by my friend Rachel Britton to share my story of leading Hope for Our Sisters as we serve precious women and girls suffering from and at risk of fistula. Thanks Rachel!

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It was Thirsty Thursday. Girls’ night out with some of my dearest “Rosie” (Roosevelt School) mom friends. We ventured into the lovely garden center and found ourselves surrounded by handmade goods, yummy snacks, creative gifts, and tastes of wine. Some of us had items we planned to purchase. Me? I planned to buy nothing…

I came upon a table with beautiful, colorful bracelets in sets of four. Now, these were not made by a local artisan. These were also not made by women providing for their children in developing countries. This is how I usually purchase…with a purpose. Why would I consider these bracelets that were made in a factory…in fact, there were about 40 other sets that looked just like the set in my hand. Why? Although appearing to be quite ordinary jewelry, the message of the bracelets spoke to my heart. Each bracelet had a charm. Now, I also wear silver jewelry…the charms were more like a golden, rust color. They would certainly clash with the other jewelry I was wearing. However, would they clash or simply stand out to my eye so I would consistently look their way?
Breathe charm

The first charm had the word “BREATHE”. This happens to be the name of one of my all-time favorite books, by Kari Wyatt Kent. I’ve read it three times and just embarked on my fourth read. A life-changing book. I said to myself, “How neat,” but that was it. I thought it was a nice coincidence and a cute bracelet.


Let go charm

The second charm had the words “LET GO”. A friend said, “You just wrote about that.” “I know…” I said as I pondered further. It hit me that these two words, “Let Go”, this command from God, are two of the hardest for me to follow. My default mode is to attempt to control and manipulate the outcome with tightly clenched fists over what I consider “mine”. Letting go? I pray daily for the strength to do this and at times I am successful. With two charms speaking to my life I checked the third bracelet.
Just be charm

“JUST BE” was the next set of words. “Oh my stars,” I said to myself. I am a “do’er” not a “be’er”. Doing is how I am wired. I accomplish, create, influence, generate. Be? That is tough. However, I have recently been called to spend more time being. Our family has been pursuing the Sabbath rest with greater intention and earlier this week God called me to carve out one weekday each week as a HOME DAY. That morning I obediently placed HOME DAY on one day of each week. I was being called to make space for quiet, rest, and creativity. Today is my first HOME DAY…I spent it catching up with a friend, prepping the dining room to paint, and now writing this very piece. I accomplished some things, yes, but it was done at His rhythm not mine. It was done in the spirit of peace, a slower pace, and openness to creativity.
Amen charm

After finding AMEN on the fourth charm, I asked one of my friends, “Does this really say Amen?” She said yes and I knew then and there I had to buy these four ordinary bracelets since they held an extraordinary invitation for me. Found amidst all of the stalls of gifts, crafts, and plants, my heart found its way to this invitation to pray and live out these words… BREATHE, LET GO, JUST BE, AMEN. Just the words I needed to read and follow.

We can all find the extraordinary in the ordinary…we just need eyes to see it, ears to hear it, and willingness to seek it. All four bracelets of warm shades of blue, yellow, green and red are currently perched on my wrist with the reminder of a powerful prayer, a new, healthy, meaningfyl way to do life with my Father.


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