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GETTING MUDDY FOR HOPE September 12, 2015

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Exciting, challenging, empowering, heartbreaking, awe-inspiring, exhausting, uplifting and joyous. This is how I describe the adventure of running Hope for Our Sisters, Inc. (HFOS), our “For-Purpose” (i.e. non-profit) organization. What a journey it has been.

Through God’s provision for and guidance through HFOS, I have been compelled to do things I never dreamed I would do…start a For-Purpose organization, travel to Africa, speak with friends, family and anyone who will listen about a relatively unknown condition, work for no salary, and give my life for others I may never meet.

And now…I am getting really muddy!

The Mudderella for Hope is the result of a young mom whose heart was moved by my sharing at her Mom to Mom group on June 1st of this year. She and a friend wanted to do the New England Mudderella and decided to do it in honor of our sisters with and at risk of fistula. Thank YOU! We now have the Muddy Madonnas, a team of beautiful women willing to work hard, challenge themselves, and raise awareness and support for our sisters.

Through my HFOS journey, I have learned to pray for God to simply “show up and surprise us” at all events. Yes, we set financial goals and targets, but you never know how events will and will not appeal to others or who will and will not support us this time around. In the end, this is God’s organization and He will do what He wants to do. He always shows up. He always surprises us.

While praying this morning, I sensed this message from God…(Visualize a smile on his face…)

“My daughter, you tell me everyday that you will say YES no matter what, that you will trust Me no matter what. So, for this event, I could give you and your team some earthly affirmation or you can wait on Me to do what I want to do with this event.”

I so enjoy being part of His bigger plan! Before HFOS, I never saw God work so clearly. All we can do is all we can do then leave the rest to Him. He is going to use the Mudderella event in a HUGE way…I can feel it. I cannot wait to see what He does through the Muddy Madonnas.

Why am I doing this? Yes, I want to raise awareness and support for our sisters. Yes, I want to do something new and accomplish challenges as a team. Yes, I want to push myself and see what I can do as I see birthday #45 in my near future. However, I also want to show Peter, Lucy and the other young kids at the event a different side of beauty…not the kind our world honors on the cover of a magazine, but a beauty in strength, confidence, teamwork and courage to push ourselves to the limit, get completely filthy, and help each other reach our goals and finish the race while we help change the lives of our sisters one woman and girl at a time.

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