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Even in Hawaii July 31, 2015

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Hawaii bracelet

Such a beautiful place! Hawaii was the location for our family’s celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We had a fabulous time! I never thought I would place my feet on Hawaiian soil, but due to my parents’ generosity, all 14 of us (my parents, siblings and their families and my family) did!

One evening, Tim, my husband, and I went into Lahaina. We stopped in a gallery to check out some amazing wood-based creations. As I made my way to the counter, a beautiful beaded bracelet caught my eye. I put it on. I took it off. I put it on. I took it off again. I began leaving it on more than off and, with the astuteness of someone who has been by my side for years, Tim asked if that was what I wanted to remind me of this trip. I said “Yes!” and handed it to the gallery owner for purchase.

I was already exited about this “find”, but my heart was struck at a deeper level when the gallery owner said, “You should know this was not made in Hawaii. My friend works with women in Guatemala and helps them make this jewelry to provide for their families.” In that moment, the bracelet became even more beautiful to me! She thought I would be disappointed that my Hawaiian memory piece was not made locally, but my heart and face smiled wide as I said, “Buying with a purpose is what I choose to do at home. I am thrilled that I get to do it here as well.” Tim and I then told her about Hope for Our Sisters and our work with women and girls with and at risk of fistula. She quickly understood why the bracelet was special to me.

While at Ka’anapali beach one day, we met a man from South Africa (Cape Town). When Tim told him I had traveled to South Africa a few years back, he asked why. We were able to tell him about Hope for Our Sisters and our work on behalf of our sisters. He was moved by our “meaningful work” and wished us well. I am not sure if any direct actions will come from our sharing about Hope for Our Sisters while in Hawaii, but I always leave room for God to work. You never know with whom these folks may share and whose hearts have been prepared to act on this new knowledge. God is constantly moving before us and preparing our path…He asks that we have the trust and courage in Him to follow.

Even in Hawaii, I could buy with a purpose. Even in Hawaii, I was given opportunities to share about our sisters. Wherever we are, we can act and speak out for the betterment of our sisters, brothers and world. Where are you?

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My son stole my heart

Life keeps us moving. Life keeps us hopping. Days can pass and we are left wondering how we spent our time.

This morning I had a sweet moment with our son, Peter. He will be 9 in two weeks. The time since he was born has flown. He has grown into a special young man with a love of all things Lego and dinosaur, a desire to create, a longing to understand how things work, and a very tender heart.

This morning we had special family breakfast at Coffee, Tea and Me, a favorite breakfast spot in Melrose. After coming back from the bathroom, the chocolate from Peter’s S’mores crepe (favorite at this café) was still on his face. It always cracks me up that he just does not ever see the need to clean his face. Maybe when he is ten? I digress…

After he did his best to clean his face without the aid of a mirror, I worked to remove the remaining chocolate. It took time…it took focus…it really slowed me down. I had to study his face to determine what were chocolate bits and what were freckles.

Then it hit me…he has new freckles!

In my mind, I asked myself questions such as:

“When had I last looked at my son for this amount of time?”

“When had I really studied his changing face and looked into his warm eyes for longer than a few seconds?”

“When did these freckles appear and how did I miss them?”

As often happens, this occurred at a time when I have been reading about Sabbath, intentional rest, playful recuperative time with family and friends, reconnection time with God. Today’s sweet moment did not leave me wracked with guilt. It simply reminded me that I want more of this for everyone in our family.

I want to embrace the gift of time so I can discover more freckles on my kids’ faces, have more special moments, and invest more of myself in my family. I shared this with you because I thought you might want this as well.

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