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Journey Toward Healing May 15, 2015

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Nepali women sitting

Hope for Our Sisters has the honor of partnering with Dr. Shirley Heywood in Surkhet, Nepal. Although we fund her fistula prevention education sessions, we always celebrate the stories of healing that come through successful fistula surgery. I am also personally amazed at the ability of these women and girls to stay strong and positive in the face of horrific trials.

Below is the account written by Dr. Shirley Heywood:

“Bishnu Maya travelled alone from Lamjhung to Surkhet for her operation to repair a rectal fistula. It is a huge journey for any woman to make alone in this country, more so for someone like Bishnu, coping with incontinence.

Her courage is amazing and somehow she stays positive and outgoing despite all she has suffered. She enjoyed her time in the Surkhet hospital thanks to loving care from the two helpers we appointed to stay with her.

The operation was successful, the hole in her bowel is now closed! After discharged from hospital she stayed a few days in the INF leprosy clinic. She made friends with many of the clients there and when it was time to leave she did the rounds of all the rooms saying cheerful good byes to all her new friends – leprosy clients and those attending for rehabilitation after spinal cord injury.

She travelled with me in the INF vehicle as far as Pokhara where we put her on a bus for the last stage of her 3 day journey home to Lamjhung.”

Bishnu exemplifies the resilience and courage found in so many women who have experienced loss. During her own healing from fistula, she was able to share joy with those she met. She is now free from fistula and can rejoin her community once again! May she continue to shine!


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