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Finding God in a Broken Shoe April 17, 2015

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A broken shoe?Really? Today was my day to chill, rest, write, read…just “be”. I call it Sabbath Simplicity and I set time aside every week for it. As I headed out of the house to walk the kids to school and stroll to Coffee, Tea & Me (a favorite hangout), I knew my shoe was broken, but who has time to fix a shoe when you need to get kids to school? I figured I could deal with it.

I was wrong. I could not deal. I really wanted to get to my destination for some nourishing time, but I could only go a few steps before having to address my shoe. I decided to stop by the house for a repair that would literally take 5 minutes. It pained me to delay my morning, but what I was doing was not working. Sound familiar?

As I walked home, I thought of how many times in my life I wanted to race ahead only to see God shut a door or close a window…it was not my time. Those times were frustrating, but I also saw that after my time of waiting, I was better prepared and equipped for the journey ahead. My pausing and waiting in Him had been fruitful.

In fact, there have been times I wish my eyes has been opened earlier so I could have launched Hope for Our Sisters many more years ago. Why did I have to be 38 to finally see my calling, my path? Of course, I quickly put those thoughts aside as I have too much proof in my own life of God’s perfect timing and preparation. I can say with certainty, that even though I always had a longing to impact the people and world around me, had I launched Hope for Our Sisters any earlier, I would have been doing it for myself – Brooke – all me. Due to my waiting, equipping, and preparation in Him, I can sincerely say that I do this work for God and my sisters. That transformation was worth waiting for.

So, my shoe repair took all of 5 minutes and I am so glad I took the detour home to take care of it. Not only did I fix my shoe, but rather than being distracted and frustrated, I was also able to enjoy my walk…hearing the birds, watching the ripples on the water, taking in the clear blue sky. My walk became part of my journey, not simply a path to my ultimate destination. Sabbath Simplicity started with my first step.

The next time something waylays or delays your plans, try to pause and see if there is a lesson, blessing, equipping, or gem of joy awaiting you as you slow down and wait.

© 2015 by Brooke F Sulahian


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