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It Began with Butterflies December 18, 2014

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Butterflies… What do they mean to you? To me they signify hope…transformation…becoming new and beautiful. As I look out at the snow falling, it seems a bit strange to be thinking of butterflies, but they are on my heart today.

We have a butterfly as part of our Hope for Our Sisters logo. We chose this because it speaks to the potential transformation of women and girls suffering from fistula. Once healed through surgery, these precious sisters have the opportunity to transform from unwanted untouchables into women and girls accepted within their community and enabled to be positive change agents in the world around them. A truly beautiful transformation.

However, the initial connection between butterflies and Hope for Our Sisters did not begin in a conference room or café. It was not the result of a Board or Executive Team meeting. It began in the heart of Jessi, the daughter of our Co-Founder. Three years ago, at age 10, she started to take pictures of butterflies. She then decided to use these pictures to make cards that she would sell on behalf of our sisters with fistula. I thought, “Sure, great idea. Let’s give it a try.”

Her first cards were entitled the Butterfly Collection and no one but God knew the chain reaction she was going to initiate. What happened? Some people bought the cards and used them. Some people bought the cards as gifts for others. Some people said, “Hey, I’d like to do that too.” We now have a team of card makers…all ages, backgrounds and interests. It has been so beautiful to watch our card makers use their diverse gifts and talents to help our sisters across the world.

As of today, almost 30 fistula surgeries have been funded by the sale of Hope for Our Sisters cards alone. What started in a young girl’s heart is now a pathway along an avenue for ultimate full life change and complete transformation for our sisters suffering from fistula. In addition, the desire placed on Jessi’s heart is also playing a part in the prevention of fistula and restoration of women and girls who have suffered traumatic fistula and/or sexual assault. Amazing!

It began with butterflies and a young girl’s heart… When and where will the next chain reaction of transformation begin? Only God knows and I cannot wait for Him to show us as we walk with Him.

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