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Thankful! November 25, 2014

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As I look ahead to Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for every person who has

Encouraged me along the way

Mentored me as I pursue my life’s calling

Prayed for our sisters awaiting healing

Prayed for Hope for Our Sisters

Joined the Hope for Our Sisters Team

Joined the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Given of their time to Hope for Our Sisters

Donated artwork and creative gifts for the benefit of our sisters with fistula

Donated financial support to our mission

Become a Partner in Hope

Attended a Hope for Our Sisters event

Purchased items at our events

Hosted a Hope for Our Sisters event

Allowed me to shared about our sisters with fistula

Listened to stories of our trip to Angola

Listened to me dream about the ultimate eradication of fistula

Rejoiced with us when a sister leaves the hospital dry

Liked our Facebook page and posts

Shared our Facebook page and posts

Asked us how many surgeries have been funded

Utilized their talents to support our mission and benefit our sisters

Partnered with us in fundraising efforts

Offered to join us on our upcoming trips

Donated their lives to fighting fistula

Provided for our sisters by becoming fistula surgeons

Become nurses serving those with fistula

Journeyed with us to Angola

Read my many posts

Said YES to our sisters

Become part of the solution

Decided to walk with us through 2014 and into 2015

Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!

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