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She’s There July 27, 2014

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she is there

When I began this journey, this journey to speak out for women and girls with fistula, she was standing along my path
A beautiful young girl from Africa…standing with no expression, just waiting and hoping
I saw her in my dreams
I saw her in my prayers
She is why I do this work

She has dreams and hopes
Dreams and hopes that are being stifled
Dreams and hopes that need to take flight

As I approach the end of my fourth year on this journey, this journey to bring hope to women and girls with fistula, she is still there
In my dreams
In my prayers

She represents the millions of women and girls currently suffering from fistula
Yet, she reminds me to focus on each woman and girl suffering from fistula as our team pursues this journey
One woman and girl at a time

Millions can be paralyzing
One is doable, attainable, reachable, knowable
She knows this and she waits

She will be on my path until it is over…until fistula is eradicated or God calls me elsewhere
My constant companion, my constant reminder
Our team talks about surgery, prevention, and restoration, but we all know our work is actually about hearts, dreams, lives, women and girls…our sisters
Our work is about Celia, Ana, Ruth, Paulina, Benguela, Maria, Rosa, Teresa, Joaquina, and Luisa

When I began this journey, stepping completely outside my comfort zone, she was there waiting
She still is
Her day to walk along her own path dry is coming
She know this and waits
Waits along my path with hope
She’s there and I am thankful

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