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Surprised! June 30, 2014

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Cindy jewelry

Be ready to be surprised. That was the message of my devotional that morning. Be ready…to be surprised.

Surprised by what? Something big? Something small? Would I even notice it? I went about my day with eyes and ears open…ready to be surprised.

I was scheduled to speak at a church in Holden, so I hit the road early that morning. I had spoken about fistula with the members of this church in 2013 and was invited back to share about our trip to Angola to meet fistula patients.

As I set up for my talk, a woman named Cindy approached me with beautiful jewelry she had made out of pottery. She asked if she could place it on the table where I was laying out other items for sale. I said of course…they were beautiful!

She then shared her story, which was one of God’s surprises for me that day. She had heard me speak in 2013 and was so moved by the plight of women and girls with fistula that she decided to make this jewelry for these sisters of ours as a way to share hope with them. Using her talents to benefit others…beautiful! Realizing she could not make enough necklaces for all of our sisters with fistula, she decided on another route…she would sell this jewelry and donate all proceeds to Hope for Our Sisters (HFOS) to enable us to share hope with the many women and girls suffering from fistula.

I was truly blown away! Truly surprised! Truly moved! Here was a woman who heard me share about fistula one time and took immediate action using her talents to change the lives of women she may never meet. She sent out a ripple of love and hope that would eventually reach from Holden, Massachusetts, to Lubango, Angola. As I took in all she had already done for those with fistula, I was reminded that HFOS is God’s ministry, not mine. He is in control, not me. He is constantly on the move in and through HFOS and Cindy is proof!

I wonder what surprises are around your corner today. I wonder what surprises I may find today. Let’s go about our day with eyes, ears and hearts open to discover the surprises He has lovingly prepared for each of us.

May we all be ready to be surprised…by Him!

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