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Finding Jesus in a Gallon of Paint April 17, 2014

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white-paintCan you really find Jesus in a gallon of paint? I did.

Have you ever had one of those days when you knew you needed to stay at home? Even though you had good, life-nourishing plans on your calendar, you had this sense that you needed to wipe the slate clean, stay home and let the day unfold? Today was one of those days for me.

Strangely enough, I had a strong urge to paint. I could not see a connection to Lent or Easter, but the urge was strong so I decided to give it a go. As I prepared to start, I figured I would do something later that would draw me closer to God. This was going to be productive time.

Now this project is long overdue. The trim in our kids’ bedrooms is an incredibly dingy off-white and it looks even more so with our son’s “Startling Orange” and daughter’s “Carnation Pink” paint on the walls.

Isn’t it amazing what one coat of paint can do? The transformation is incredible. The old paint gets covered and even areas in need of repair can become hidden to the naked eye. Just like new. Or is it?

As I was marveling at the change in their rooms, I got to thinking about the change in me almost fourteen years ago when God cleaned me up and made me new in Him. I had spent many years in a pit of depression and was covered with spiritual and earthly mud and muck from head to toe. I watched as He gently cleaned me off and dressed me in white, much like I did when painting today.

But then it hit me…God works from the inside out.

Not only was I clean on the outside, but He cleaned me through and through. God’s transformation is at all levels and forever. My paint provides only a covering and will chip away requiring another new coat.

I had set out to paint today, yet God wanted more. He used a gallon of paint to remind me of His restoration of me, which was only possible through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross long ago.  Jesus died for my sins opening the path for me to approach God. Jesus paved the way for my healing and yours.

What are you up to today? Keep your eyes open…you may find Jesus in unexpected places.

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