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A Journey Through Lent? March 14, 2014

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Discomfort. Shifting puzzle pieces. This is how I describe my current situation. I feel that my life is a puzzle and God is moving my puzzle pieces around. Is this preparation for Easter or a journey into Lent? Not sure. However, as He lovingly, gently, yet persistently works on my life, I want Him to finish His work no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be. He loves me fully and I trust Him.

How do you feel about letting go of your stuff? To what do you cling? I have been feeling holy nudges to let go, clear out the clutter from my heart and home, and open the way for God’s work. What does He need to do in me? I cannot yet say, but amidst my uncertainty, I know God is perfectly clear about His desires for my heart, life and soul. I choose daily to trust Him.

I recently received a precious gift from a dear friend. A beautiful broach that is not only stunning in its design but also because it has belonged to this friend for years. It was one of her treasures and she has passed it on to me. She gave it to me because it spoke to her about my heart. I now see items, treasures, around my home that speak of the hearts of those in my life. Am I willing to pass along these treasures to be enjoyed anew? Am I willing to let go and make room in my home and heart that God will fill? 

Do you have clutter in your life? Is your life full of things to do, places to go, items to wear? My closet felt too full. I know there are women who have been rescued from trafficking who would greatly value the items of clothing that I wore every now and then. It felt exciting to give away much of my wardrobe…treasures to these women trying to start life again. Can I continue to let go? Can I continue to trust?

As you can see, I have lots of thoughts and ideas hitting me these days. My mind feels full. Some of my treasures have been shared and it has brought my friends and me such joy. Will I pass on more treasures? Not to clutter someone else’s life or home, but to show my love and appreciation of what they mean to me or to enable a survivor of trafficking to take her next step. We’ll see…

If any of this rings true to you, please reply to my blog (see below)…I will get back to you. That I know…

I read that Lent is about transformation, not denial. That warmed my heart. Today’s devotional called me to walk closely with Jesus, my Savior, in trust…no matter what. In sharing the wisdom of a dear friend, as we journey towards Easter, may we all learn to let go of what is not ours to grasp what is…Him.

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