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Cup of Hope January 20, 2014

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cup of hope

A cup of hope.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Don’t you wish you had a cup of hope to sip throughout your day?  Maybe a cup ofhope to guzzle down when you really need it? 

I recently met a woman named Kathy who runs an organization called Alima’s Purse (www.alimaspurse.com).  They sell fair trade and handmade goods enabling local and international artisans to sustain themselves and their families with their trade.

Kathy was selling these precious handmade cups with “A Cup of Hope” etched on them.  Got me to thinking…what would a cup of hope taste like?  What could a cup of hope do in the life of someone else?  What would it be like to share a cup of hope with someone who really needs it?

It hit me that any time we do anything for someone else, we are essentially offering him or her a cup of hope.  Whether it’s our neighbor up the street, a family member in another state, or another person in need around the world, when we give of ourselves to help others, it is a cup of hope we offer.

Picture it…an elderly man sitting alone in his home, a child returning to an empty home each day, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, a young man “lost” due to illiteracy, a girl trapped in a brothel, a child breaking stones in a rock quarry, a young girl suffering from fistula…couldn’t they each use a cool, crisp, refreshing cup of hope?  With this hope they might be able to look forward to what the day holds, enjoy the presence of others in their lives, find the courage to seek shelter and safety, have the energy to seek out avenues to learn, find the motivation to pray and/or fight for freedom, have the hope take one more step toward healing and restoration…on and on.

As you go about your day, whether you are helping one person or many, no matter if the situation is big or small, imagine that you are offering a cup of hope.  Hope that God will use to help others survive and maybe even thrive until their next cup.

We all have a cup to offer.  To whom can you offer a cup of hope today?

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