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Watching Him at Work December 21, 2013

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Rivers_wallpapers_3God is moving mountains right before my eyes.  He is changing hearts and lives through the vision and message of Hope for Our Sisters.  God is showing us His presence on a daily basis and I am having a blast watching Him at work.

One way to see Our Lord in action is to follow His lead into His will and serve there.  Serve where He plants us with our whole hearts, as if working for Him. (Colossians 3:23) The Hope for Our Sisters team is serving in this way.  Those who support us on a regular basis are doing this as well.  Sisters in need are being put first and eternal fruit is being harvested.  We get to watch our Lord change the world one woman at a time. He does not need our help but He invites us to join in with Him. 

The Hope for Our Sisters team and supporters have done all they can do for 2013…our last event was held on Wednesday, December 11th, yet the fruit has been coming in like a mighty river. As recently as December 3rd of this year, we had funded 175 fistula surgeries.  How can it be that as of December 21st we have funded 190?  With each surgery costing an average of $450, the answer is God.

Not to take away from what we as a team have done and not to reduce the impact of our regular donors and Partners in Hope members, but the ripples of our efforts this year are reaching farther and wider than we could have caused on our own.  Individuals are catching the vision and joining in.  Our volunteer team is up to 43 members!  Our Partners in Hope program is expanding.  Our regular donor list is growing.  New supporters are accepting their role in the fight to eradicate fistula and causing ripples of their own.

200 fistula surgeries.  That was the goal we set for the end of this year.  Will we reach it?  Only God knows.  What I do know is that all of us who support the mission of Hope for Our Sisters are enjoying the ride as we wait to see other hearts moved to give.

There are so many worthy causes to support…we at Hope for Our Sisters are extremely thankful for any support that comes our way.  Our precious sisters…Maria, Celia, Joaquina, Luisa, Ana and others…await the gift of life, the gift of being in others’ presence without being scorned, the gift of renewed hope.

As I wait to see what else God has in store for this year, my heartbeat is quickened with anticipation and I walk with a lighter step, as I am reminded that it is God who is doing the work through us. What an honor to be used by Him.

Will you join with us to watch and see whose heart He moves next, to see who will enable us to change the lives of women, one woman at a time? 

God is at work in the world and for that I am most thankful.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Follow our updates on our webpage (hopeforoursisters.org) or Facebook page (Hope for Our Sisters, Inc.).

© 2013 by Brooke F Sulahian


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