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Limits November 7, 2013

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Recently convicted that I had set up limits around my life

Limits to protect those I love

Limits to maintain a sense of control

Limits to protect our level of comfort

Limits that I built without knowing it

Limits that could get in the way of God’s plans for my family and me


Once convicted, God gave me a picture

The boundary I had constructed was quite expansive, not right around me

I wanted to fully live for Him, but even far-off walls limit us

The walls were not high, but very low to the ground

My walls were beautifully constructed with care

My walls were strong

My walls held inside of them my husband, our two children and me

My walls were set up to protect our lives, health, education, and future

I have plans for tomorrow…don’t you?

Then God asks me to tear down these walls, my limits

In my prayers I watched myself deconstruct the walls I had so carefully built

Tear down the walls that I had built without even knowing it

Destroy the walls that could limit what God has in store for us

Walls meant to protect us

God asks, do you trust Me?

Do you trust Me with what you value most?

Your husband?

Your children?

Your future?

As I sit within the rubble of my torn down walls, these questions play through my mind

I want to say yes,

But can I?

Can I really trust God with everything?

I know I should

I know He is faithful

The questions simultaneously bring me

fear, joy, confusion, anxiety, and excitement

Where will I place my trust?

In man-made walls or the hands of God?

I know what my answer should be…

Am I brave enough in Him to say yes?

Am I brave enough to walk with my family beyond the rubble and truly live in Him?

Will I say yes today?

Will you?

© 2013 by Brooke F Sulahian