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I was standing on hallowed ground… at this place all of our lives changed forever as the innocence of our “security” was taken from us.

While in New York City to apply for our Angolan Visas, a group of us visited the 911 Memorial.  What would it look like?  How would it honor the many lives lost?  He would it depict the desire and strength of the American people to never forget, never let go of our dreams, and never allow these attacks and the attackers to win in the end?

As I approached the South Pool, I saw smooth waterfalls falling inside along their edges.  Names were precisely placed along the top ledge of the pool to record the lives lost, taken and sacrificed.

I hesitate to say anything negative about such an important monument, but it eventually left me wanting.  These beautifully crafted waterfalls lead to a second layer of internal waterfalls that fell “into the void”.  One of my friends who was with me had the same reaction and stated that she wanted to see a fountain rising up into the sky as a depiction of the spirit of our country saying, “We won’t back down.  We have not lost.”  But the water ran into two beautifully crafted voids.  Hmmm…voids…

It made me think of our world.  We have a choice.  Do we choose to let things go as they are today and allow ourselves to fall into the void?  Or, do we choose to rise up, bring about necessary change, and leave a legacy for those watching our every move…our children, our youth, the leaders of tomorrow?  Do we say “The world is too messed up to make a difference” or do we say “I cannot change the world but I can change the situation for this one person?”

The void…today it seemed to signify loss, despair, and sadness.  Maybe we need to never forget the sadness and loss.  I cannot even begin to imagine the loss felt by families and friends who lost loved ones on that fateful day in 2001.  However, along with the sadness, it would have been so inspiring to see even the smallest beginning of a fountain or water leaping playfully as a sign of hope in both today and tomorrow.  Hope in a world changed for the better.  Hope in rising above the sadness and loss to fight once again.

I truly hope I have not hurt anyone’s feelings with my words.  I did pray for those living very different lives now as a result of 911.  However, I challenge you to make a choice for the better…will you choose to leave a legacy, the one to which God has called you, or will you let your lives fall into the void?

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