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Forgotten Deaths? May 24, 2013

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Despair, isolation, shame…these are how we characterize the lives of those burdened by fistula.  Can we even say they are living?  More like existing without hope.

In my work with Hope for Our Sisters, I often think of and pray for the women and girls suffering from fistula or at risk of developing fistula.  Married off too young, not given enough food, trying to give birth when they are too small…too young…undernourished.

But what about the babies?  What about the fact that 90% of the time, the babies, trying to enter the world during the development of a fistula, will die either during birth or within the first week? We try to keep our mission clear and focus on fistula.  We mention the babies but they are not the main topic.

However, I cannot…we cannot…we will not forget about these precious children.  This is one reason Hope for Our Sisters is not only funding fistula surgery in Angola, but also efforts to prevent fistula in Nepal and, pending final agreement, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You see…preventing fistula gives women and girls the chance to live out the lives God designed for each of them.  However, it also saves the life of each baby…each child simply trying to be born…trying to enter the world…trying to play his or her part in God’s design.

May these babies never be forgotten in the effort to eradicate fistula.  May they be seen as a blessing, a true gift as we help eradicate this hope-destroying condition.

Not forgotten…always cherished…hope found in each birth.


© 2013 by Brooke F Sulahian


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