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SO MUCH…WITHOUT March 15, 2013

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As I awoke from the anesthesia, I found myself weeping.  The nurse asked if I was Ok and I said, “We have SO MUCH and so many live WITHOUT.”

Last week I went to the hospital for SURGERY on my foot to heal a problem that caused pain and limited my movement.  A foot problem that I CHOSE to have addressed after much PLANNING for my children’s care and help for my husband to run our home on his own for an entire month post surgery.

As painful as my foot ailment was, it did not result in my being OSTRACIZED or cut off from my community like FISTULA does.  It did not leave me HOPELESS like FISTULA can.  I also only drove 15 MINUTES to the hospital…many women, men and children around the world must WALK FOR DAYS to reach care and that is only if they KNOW care and healing exist.

I was cared for in a CLEAN hospital with TRAINED and CONCERNED staff.  From what I have read, this is not always the case in the developing world.  Many hospitals LACK any semblance of CLEANLINESS, many women who go for care are treated with DISDAIN and RUDENESS, and many people who provide care are NOT TRAINED as well as they should be.

I am not pronouncing judgment on those who GIVE ALL THEY CAN to provide care to women, men and children around the world.  Many use ALL THEY HAVE at their disposal to give the BEST CARE possible.  However, I am trying to open the eyes of those who have SO MUCH.  I want to help all of us SEE all we have around us and then DO SOMETHING to make a LASTING CHANGE for those WITHOUT.

GOD OPENED MY EYES almost three years ago to the PLIGHT of so many around the world. Yet, HE CONTINUES to open my eyes.  Like He did in the recovery room of the hospital where I was again treated with GREAT CARE and given new crutches to HELP me walk.  What CARE and HELP are people in the developing world GIVEN?  What CHANCE do they have to TRULY HEAL?

May our EYES be OPENED again and again.

May we all be open and receptive to OUR CALLING.

May we all say YES.

May we USE our SO MUCH to HELP those WITHOUT.


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