finding hope and sharing it

I AM January 16, 2013

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I am frightened

I am trapped

I am limited

I am abused

I am lost

I am isolated

I am ostracized

I am without hope

I am angry

I am ready for change

I am ready for a chance

I am ready to been seen, heard and valued for who I am

I am not a victim

I am a future survivor

I am not in need of handouts

But the chance to use my own voice, abilities and mind

Speak for me until I can speak for myself

Walk for me until I can take my own steps

Hope for me until I can regain the hope that was stolen from me

Then I ask of you…Speak with me as we reach more people with my story

Walk with me as we cover more ground

Hope with me as we change the world

I am a girl

I am a woman

I am valuable

I am worth it

I Am


© 2013 by Brooke F Sulahian