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Today November 30, 2012

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Today, a young girl has been given no food so her brothers can eat…where is the hope?

Today, a young girl has been married off to an older man she does not know

Today, a young girl has become pregnant…too young and too small to deliver naturally

Today, a young girl, grieving the loss of her stillborn child, has just woken up in her bed soiled with urine and feces…bewildered and ashamed

Today, a young girl has been left by her husband, kicked out of the house by her family, and forced to fend for herself due to her odor

Today, a young woman realized it is her 10th year of lying in a wet bed…hope continuing to vanish

Today, an older woman struggles through her 40th year with fistula, sitting alone in her hut unaware that a cure exists

Today, a woman cleans herself in the hope that a neighbor in her village may say “Hi” today…hope is not lost yet

Today, a woman is traveling alone on her way to a hospital, leaking with every step but not turning back, holding onto hope of a cure, a new life

Today, a young girl is carried on her father’s back to reach a hospital to be cured of fistula…feeling loved along the way

Today a woman recovers in a hospital bed, cured of fistula…hope returning

Today, a young girl returns home in new clothing after a successful fistula surgery

Today, a woman makes a home in a new community, free of fistula and its horrors

Today, a woman is welcomed back to her former community as a whole person…hope restored

Today, a young girl is given food to eat alongside her bothers

Today, a young girl is given the chance to study and learn

Today, a young girl is cherished as a gift from God and protected from the dangers in this world…hope that is real and strong


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