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The First Step August 25, 2012

Filed under: Hope — Brooke F. Sulahian @ 7:20 pm

The water is still, like glass, as I sit at its edge

–       Jesus, sitting with me, encourages me to step out,

–       Step out into the water

I hesitate…

What if I slip?

What if I lose my grip?

What if my energy for this cause drains away?

What if I don’t finish just like so many times before?

What if I fail?

This still pool of water awaits my step

–       It is there for me

Can the ripples of my stepping into my pool reach pools by which others sit?

–       Can they reach pools around the world?

–       A child’s pool stilled by dreams shattered

–       A woman’s pool stilled by hope taken

–       A man’s pool stilled by options lost

–       Pools of those living under oppression and injustice

–       Pools waiting to be stirred

I stand and pause…

Will I trust Him?

Will I take the risk?

Will I go in?

Will I take this step?

I take Jesus’ hand and we step into the water

– The ripples start slowly then gain momentum…rolling away

–       I pray they become unending ripples of God’s provision sent out, leaving hearts touched, souls awakened, and the oppressed free around the world

You are sitting by your still pool

–       You are not alone

–       Is it time for your first step?

Take His hand, trust Him, and go in…

© 2012 by Brooke F Sulahian


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