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What Do They See? October 6, 2011

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As I left the house this morning, I was awestruck by the sky

–       The sky so black, the stars so bright

–       I was amazed by God’s beauty, His creation, His order

–       Like a child on Christmas morning…speechless, as I viewed His beauty and power

I thought of the oppressed, those living under the weight of injustice

–       What do they see when they see the stars?

–       Do they see a God who created the universe and them?

–       Do they see a God who loves them or a God who is silent?

–       Do they see a God who is not delivering them from their pain?

I prayed they would have hope

–       Hope for moments of freedom

–       Hope for a new day

–       Hope in seeing God’s power and His desire to share His beauty, His stars, with them

What about those who cannot see God’s beauty, God’s stars?

–       Children forced to make bricks all hours of the day who never see the sun

–       Children trapped in the sex trade and forced to live in concrete rooms, their lives confined to windowless 7 foot by 7 foot boxes

–       What do they see when they are given no physical vision of God’s power and beauty?

May we be a source hope for our brothers and sisters

–       May we share God’s hope and Jesus’ sacrifice with them

–       May they have a glimpse of the life God’s wants for each of them as we reach out

–       May we see the oppressed believe in God’s power, love and provision

–       May we see trapped children freed to see the sun, moon, and stars

May we all have hope in God for a new day, a life of freedom for all

–       What do you see?

© 2011 by Brooke Sulahian